Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reuse Plastic Bags

I know we are each moving towards using reusable bags for our groceries, but we still have some of those paper and plastic bags coming in. I asked around to find out how some folks are reusing plastic bags. Here are some of the ideas I heard:

  • Line small garbage cans. This is probably the number 1 reuse!

  • Keep some in your car. They come in handy for a quick garbage bag or for use if some gets car sick.

  • Great for packing. Making a move or putting some items in storage? Use your plastic bags (or paper for that matter) as packing material.

  • Handbag storage. Stuff bags in your handbag to help keep their shape.

  • Overshoes. This nifty idea keeps your shoes clean when you have to make a quick trip out to the yard. Simply pull a bag over your shoe and tie around your ankle. Pull off and toss when done or reuse again.

  • Removing poison ivy. Using two bags over one hand, pull poison ivy out. Using your other hand, pull the bags down around the ivy and tie up the bag and toss.

  • Pooper Scooper. When walking your favorite pet, take along a bag to pick up the little guy's waste.

  • Covering plants to protect them from frost.

  • Donate to a thrift store. Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores are always in need of bags. Collect a bunch and drop off when passing by.

  • Crochet and crafting. Learn how to make plarn (yarn made from plastic bags) and to get a cute pattern for a totebag or lunch sack!

What is your favorite use for reuse plastic bags?

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