Monday, June 4, 2007

What Have You Reused Today?

As you are throwing out that paper towel roll or coffee container or cheese box, have you thought about how you might reuse them? Karen’s Pot Your Plants with Plastics and Save article from a while ago was a terrific way to reuse your throw aways.

One of our friends is an expert “reuser” and every time we chat she has put something through a second life span. What are some of her ideas? Clothes in good condition go into a garage sale or a resale shop or are donated to The Salvation Army or Good Will or similar organization. Clothes with holes or stains get cut up for rags or into fabric squares to use for sewing into something else. Cheese boxes – you know the 2 pound processed cheese – she uses these as drawer organizers for pens, pencils, markers, paper clips. Paper Towel rolls and other cardboard tubes – store your taper candles or your electrical extension cords or save them for your favorite school or Sunday school teacher or camp leader as they always have craft ideas that use cardboard tubes.

In fact, check with your local school, church or camp as they may have lots of everyday things they can use that you may just toss!

We would love to hear what you reused today!

Happy reusing!

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