Monday, April 16, 2007

Recycling Cell Phones

If you are like most people, you upgrade your cell phone relatively often. This means you probably have a bunch of old cell phones sitting around in a drawer and you don't know what to do with them. There are definite recycling options for cell phones and one of our favorites is Cell for Cash. With their program you send in your old working cell phone and they will pay you a specified amount of cash based on the model of phone you are submitting. They will recycle your phone and you get paid. Now that is a way to Be Green and Save!

Check out the value of your current phone model here and see how you can recycle while making some extra cash for yourself in the process.

Even if your phone does not have cash value, the company will either repurpose your phone for an emergency 911 cellphone bank or it will recycle your non-working cell phones. Either way, you can't lose and you will prevent some damage to the environment by keeping the battery and electronic components out of a landfill.

For those of you who choose to participate - AWESOME JOB!

Keep checking our latest posts for more ways you can Be Green and Save!

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SASSY MOM said...

Hi, I got here thru rachel's page!

Nway, I just want to share that I have always recycled cellphones ... No old cellphones in the house that are not being used.

I sell them ... I guess it's the most practical thing to do!