Saturday, April 21, 2007

Some Family Friendly Ideas for Earth Day (and everyday)!

With Earth Day just around the corner, we know there are lots of things planned in schools and communities. We thought we would share a few "family friendly" ideas.

  1. Take a walk through your neighborhood, a park or forest preserve and talk about the importance of taking care of the environment.
  2. Turn off lights, radios, and TVs when leaving the room (except of course, if little brother or sister are still in the room!)
  3. Pick up trash in a neighborhood park.
  4. Organize a clean up day at your school or church.
  5. Plant bushes or trees at your house, church or park.
  6. Check the house for leaky faucets and toilets and work together to replace or fix them. A great place to find new fixtures is at Find More Facts.
  7. Have a cell phone recycle campaign in your neighborhood. Collect old cell phones and ship them to a phone recycler. Our friends at will purchase your cell phones and ink cartridges from you and recycle them.

What fun activities are you doing this Earth Day? Comment back and let us know.

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